Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Get Ready for Summer

Summer is just around the corner.. Time to store those warm thick winter outfits away and say hello to minimalist outfits! We can show our skin as much as we want, take some pictures at the beach, drinking pina colada.. So, bikini, check! Sunglasses, check! Beach wave hair, check! How bout nails? 

I like getting my nails done, but sometimes I'm too lazy to make a nail art by myself (yes, bcos the result will never be the same between right hand and left hand), and sometimes I feel like going to nail salon is too expensive and I can't change the nail art that often (let your nails breath for awhile)..
If you're like me, don't be sad girls, I have the solution for you and it called NAIL STICKER.. :D

In some countries, nail sticker is not a new thing.. But here in Indonesia, we have this products like a couple years ago, of course the one with good quality and cute designs.. One of them is LOLITATTOO.. At first they only sell temporary tattoo but then they expand the business to nail stickers.. They have a lot of designs, from minimalist to characters like Disney princess, from glitters to non-glitters.. The price is IDR30.000 (around US$2.00), same for all designs..

What I have here is the Sabrina design.. I chose Sabrina because I wanted to get the summer feeling but not the predictable ones like pineapple or flamingo.. As you can see on the pics below, they have the instructions at the back.. And 1 pack consists of 12 nail stickers and 1 nail buffer.. This was actually my first time using nail stickers.. So let's just start by following the instructions..

First, you have to start with clean nails and you can re-shape your nails if you want, pretty much the same when you want to apply nail polish, right? After that, you have to choose which sticker size that fits your nail.. Then, cut the nail stickers, remove the plastic wrap, then place it to your nail.. Firmly smooth the surface until wrinkle free.. If you have a small nails like me, you can cut the rest of the nail stickers gently using the nail buffer.. And just continue with the rest of your nails.. 

Once you're done, you can finish it with clear nail polish, but I didn't do it because I want it to be practical and nail polish free.. Very easy, right? I was surprised because at first I thought it will be very complicated, wrinkle here and there.. But it didn't and you can see it looked like a define nail art.. I chose to wear it the same pattern between my left and right hand but you can wear different way.. A little tips from me, it will be better if you wear this nail stickers after taking a bath so the glue will have more time to stick to your nails before contact with water..

Oh and I decided to post this simple tutorial after I went to Bali-Lombok last week (you'll know about this trip if you follow my Instagram).. So I went swimming at the beaches, swimming pool, eating seafood, climbing a tree, etc.. And I have to say this nail stickers amazed me even more.. They started to ripped off little by little after a week.. Maybe after this, I will choose another design to see how long will it last during normal activities..

I hope this post can help you girls and see you on the next post.. ;*

Love & Dream,

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Morning Walk

Hat: Zara | Jacket: Zara | Dress:  (similar here)
Bag: Zara | Boots: Stradivarius (similar here and here)

Location: Tamar Park, Hong Kong

The weather was fine, not as cold as the first couple days, so I was able to bare-legged all day.. We were strolling around Admiralty and found this enormous park above the roads called Tamar Park (how amazing is that?).. I was quite surprise after exploring the area because it turns out that the park is actually at the opposite side of Tsim Tsa Tsui area and surrounded by buildings.. Another perks of traveling without tour guide.. :D

Love & Dream,

Photographed by Theresia D

Monday, March 21, 2016

Causeway Bay

Coat: ASOS (Similar here and here) | Knit Sweater: H&M | Boots: Zara (Similar here)

Spent the first week of March in Hong Kong and met the cold weather for the first time.. To be honest, I personally prefer spring/summer season than fall/winter but on a contrary, I have a big deep love for fall/winter clothes.. I have too many sweaters and jackets, considering I live in a tropical country.. So yeah I still overwhelmed by the excitement when I packed the luggage, filled it with my fall/winter pieces..

I arrived at noon so nothing much to do on the first day.. This shot was taken during our second day when we were strolling around Causeway Bay area.. As you can see (on my Instagram too), I've been shooting with both digital and film camera now, maybe since my Bali trip last June.. I found so many interesting objects there in Hong Kong, even though I didn't travel much.. The result was out yesterday and I'm very happy with it so I decided I will make a post for my film journey.. In a meanwhile, you can follow my IG to see some of them.. ;)

Love & Dream,