Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Between The Lines

Blazer: Zara (similar here) | Dress: H&M | Bag: Zara | Shoes: Stradivarius

My eyes caught all sort of stripe things lately and before me realizing, I already have plenty of stripes in my wardrobe.. Then comes this idea, instead of wearing them separately, why don't wear some altogether?

Combining patterns or prints can be tricky.. So, here are some tips about pattern/print mixing :
  1. Choose the same color family, like yellow-orange or sky blue-navy blue for examples.. Including black and white, because they go with everything.. The objective is to tone the whole look down, since out look is already spiced up by chosen patterns/prints, keeping it a little more basic will definitely make your look balanced..
  2. Break up the look with solids, mixing patterns/prints doesn't mean you have to wear a printed item from head to toe.. Remember, too much pattern in one outfit will turn you from cute to overwhelming.. Just break them up with a few solids (I did that with my hat and heels)
  3. Look for complementary patterns, floral and stripes always good together, also leopard and polkadots, but always remember rule #1..
  4. Don't go over matchy-matchy, it's ok to mix the same patterns in one outfit, but try to either choose different scales of them (for example, a small stripes blazer with a larger stripes dress like I wore) or switch up the colors of the matching patterns..
  5. Size does matter, never let your pattern compete with each other.. Based on that, try mixing a dense/large print with a sparse/small print, the goal is to make the big one stands out more and be the focal point.. Large polkadots shouldn't be worn with huge plaid.. This is the way to balance your look..
Other than those 5 mentioned, do remember not to get over-accessorized because we want the patterns to stand out, not the accessories.. I hope this post is helpful for you, have fun mixing your patterns! ;)

Love & Dreams,

Photographed by Faustina DP

Friday, June 19, 2015

A Tinge of Flower

"Summer has filled her veins with light and her heart is washed with noon"
-C. Day Lewis

Flower crown: Inspired by Luce | Jacket: ZARA (similar here) | Boots: ASOS

We're halfway through the year now.. How's 2015 been treating you? Well, you might be working hard doing your job and building your future but let's not forget that summer is here! It's okay to sit back a bit, enjoy the hot sunshine and have some fun.. ;)

Love & Dream,

Monday, May 25, 2015

Nobu Hair & more

Summer is just around the corner or maybe in some countries, like mine, we can already feel the heat from the sun.. So I thought this is a perfect time to get a hair make over.. After several times getting my hair done at local salon, this time I decided to try a Japanese salon called NOBU hair & more..

First time entering the salon, I can instantly feel the coziness.. I can see that they have many Japanese customers enjoying their treatments, not only to cut their hair but also manicure pedicure (will talk about this later)..

After confirming my appointment, the staff told me to take a seat, then I started to talk with my stylist, Hiro-san, about what I want to do with my hair.. I showed him the reference picture and he explained all the details to achieve the look, including how to style it later.. We discussed it about 15-20 minutes because Hiro-san can only speak Japanese, so the translator had to speak in 2 different languages.. Hiro-san asked me to wash my hair first before he cut it..

My reference

While I was heading to the washing area, I walked pass this wall where they put their Japanese magazines collection.. Amazing! <3

The comfortable washing chair with clean area.. Love it! Oh for girls, if you come here wearing short or skirt, just sit back and relax because they have a blanket to cover your legs.. ;)

After having my hair washed, I went back to my chair and Hiro-san started to work his magic.. He cut my hair little by little, treating it like a precious gold.. He was very detailed and it was a completely different experience than what I had at any local salon.. It took him around 30-45 minutes to cut my super long hair to short hair.. As for styling, Hiro-san taught me how to style it using curling iron.. Here's the final result!

Compared to the reference I gave him, it was 95% similar! Oh I was so happy with the result, it's quite a long time since I had a short hair and I never thought that I can achieve this look.. You can see more of my new hair on my instagram @mmargarethink.. One thing I learnt, if you want to have a Japanese hairstyle, you'd better go to an authentic Japanese salon instead of a local salon.. Yes they are pricier than the locals but I can assure you that you won't be disappointed.. :D

By the way, they're having a gel nail promotion and also 10% discount for all treatments, minimum transaction IDR 300.000.. I suggest that you make an appointment before you go there just to make sure the stylists are available..

Citywalk Sudirman 2nd Floor                                          Dharmawangsa Square
Phone: 021-91271870 or 021-97227377                                   Phone: 021-91214528 or 021-91214504
close on weekends                                                     close on Mondays

Price list:
Hair cut IDR 350.000 - 500.000 (include wash and blow)
Creambath IDR 100.000 (local staff, include dry)
Head spa IDR 150.000 (local staff, include dry)
Wash and Blow dry IDR 250.000 (Japanese stylist)
Hair color start from IDR 600.000 (not include blow dry)
Permanent wave start from IDR 700.000 (not include blow dry)
Hair straightening start from IDR 1.500.000 (not include blow dry)
Gel nail art IDR 270.000
Gel nail 1 color IDR 200.000
Remove gel nail IDR 50.000

Thank you to all the friendly staffs and of course Hiro-san, I'm very satisfied and will definitely come back again.. ;*

Love & Dream,